Kitty Wan Kenobi BOokstore Cat

Sandman Book Co.

is an award winning independent bookshop in Punta Gorda, Florida. Bookstore cat Kitty-Wan Kenobi presides over a vast inventory of new and used books. We also have original art from local artists, gifts, music, movies, puzzles, games, toys, TY beanie babies, journals, stationery, greeting cards, Punta Gorda t-shirts, graphic novels, rare books, autographed books, and many other curiosities.

Important Reminder:

We're taking a month off from book exchange so we can finish inventory. We cannot hold, process, or accept trade-is during the month of July. Everything else is normal; the bookshop is open 10 to 4 daily (except 7/4/16). Normal book exchange hours will resume at noon on 8/2/16 (no early birds). Thanks for understanding!

Boy Reading Sandman Book CompanyUpcoming Events

Sandman hosts a number of events including Fairy Princess Storytime, live music, author days, and book sales. The bookshop is also available for private events (weddings, book clubs, etc.) after hours on a limited basis. For more details, visit our Calendar or follow us on Facebook.

The #BookBridge, a Recycled Book Archway

recycled book art arch bridge sandmanThis book shop is the home of the amazing Bridge of Knowledge, a permanent art installation built from recycled books. Visitors to the bookshop walk under the archway and enter a realm where the printed word is sacred. In this labyrinth of books and curiosities, readers always find what they need!