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For all of you readers who have just a "little rebel" in them: your special week begins on September 24th. If your favorite movie back in the day was "Rebel without a Cause" or you think warm fuzzy thoughts about "Woodstock", whether you were in attendance back in August 1969 or not; this is your time.

Over the course of history, lots of good books have been banned for various reasons. It can be rather shocking to discover what kind of writings were considered to be inappropriate. Stop by and pick up something scandalous today! For more details check out the American Library Association challenge and banned Book List. The list of books banned by government are in Wikipedia or the ALA list of most frequently challenged books of the 1990’s and the most frequently challenged books of the 2000’s.

Some of the works are as innocent and innocuous as The Call of the Wild, by Jack London. Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell also makes the list. It was probably on my top 5 books, that I ever read. The film, which hit the silver screen in 1939, won 10 academy awards out of 13 nominations. Eight of the awards were competitive and 2 honorary. The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn also made this Banned list.

Join your friends, and neighbors to celebrate Banned Book Week at Sandman Book Co at Turtle Crossing. This great retail center is close to the Marina, and houses unusual shops, services and restaurants. Shop them for their great offerings. This is a amazing place to meet; greet and hang out.

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