The Friday Night Knitting Club

a book review

by Paula Schott (guest writer)
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southern gothic literature

I had just been to the Barbershop at Turtle Crossing and was enjoying the Florida sunshine and checking out the rest of the shops at this great strip when Sandman Book Company caught my eye. They had bargain books plus a table sporting a few colorful paper backs. Several of them got my attention and seemed ever so appealing! How can you resist a good book on a beautiful day. I headed inside to complete my purchases after greeting Kitty-Wan Kenob,in his leather chair and headed to the register. The staff is extremely helpful and mentioned other books in a trilogy. There service goes way above and beyond. It makes the customer feel special.

The Friday Night Knitting Club definitely had my attention. Of course it became part of my purchases. By the end of first page I was hooked. Most readers know the type of books that are engrossing to them. My favorites are fiction that are sprinkled with factual occurrences. Knitting and the description of the needles and yarn brought back memories of my Mother's knitting skills. Relationships between female family members and friendships always makes me smile and keeps my attention. Having a grandmother thrown in is definitely the icing-on-the-cake.

Books complete our lives and challenge our emotions. Stop by Sandman Book Company, and enrich your life by selecting a book or two. Tell Kity-Wan Kenobi hello and enjoy this amazing bookstore.

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