Hurricane Irma

an update from your friendly neighborhood bookshop

by Heidi Lange
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Hello readers,

It's been a rough ten days or so, with so many of us going without a/c and hot water. Who knew we were so spoiled? Oh wait... we knew. We are total babies over here and we like our air conditioned rooms where we read books WITH ELECTRIC LIGHTS, thank you very much. But actually, punning aside, that's the point of this post: to say thank you.

First and foremost, we are so lucky that no one was hurt in the storm - all of our friends, clients, customers, neighbors, business partners... everyone we know is safe and well.

We are really grateful for a bunch of stuff right now and even though I'm still totally exhausted and probably not writing my highest quality content this morning, I just felt like I couldn't go one more day without giving a shout-out to some awesome people.

1. FPL (and other power company) line workers. Um, wow. You guys are the best. On the one hand, there's me, complaining that it's too hot in the shade and I can't play Pokemon because I can't charge my phone. And then on the other hand, there's you guys in your big trucks, driving around, climbing up to dangerous heights while carrying what appears to me to be about a million pounds of tools on your belts, and also, by the way, doing this IN 90+ DEGREE WEATHER. You're clearing out heavy trees that fell onto power lines. You're dealing with snakes and bugs and all kinds of nasty Florida nature. You're hearing people say some really mean stuff to you that you totally don't deserve. You're working stupid long hours. Clearly, you guys are the unsung heroes of this situation. Thanks!!!!!

2. Volunteers and workers who set up shelters and relief centers and wow, all that stuff that just seems to happen like magic because you guys work so hard and are there for the people who need it when it's needed.

3. Comcast. Although we never lost power at the bookstore (thank goodness!!! so grateful for that!), we did lose internet and phones for a few days. Naturally, there's not much they can do until the lines are back up. Oh, but wait, they did it anyway! I had our business number forwarded to my cell phone in less than an hour (which was super important because otherwise how would you guys know that we were open after the storm). I'm sure the Comcast lines were ringing off the hook, but they got us doing business again literally the next day after the storm. Sure, it took a few days to get the internet back. But being able to forward calls to my cell phone was the difference between being open and being closed this week. So if you need a business internet account, I recommend them strongly. Brian Sommers is the guy that takes care of us here (offically, our "business account executive"), and he gave me permission to share his email with all of you. Tell him I sent you:

4. Our neighbors at Turtle Crossing! On Monday, it was a mess here: no phones or internet, trees all over the parking lot, metal bits and pieces blown around by the winds... and yet this place was back in business within less than a day due to everyone working together and picking up the mess. We are so glad to be here with Vic's Primo Pizza, Mainely Seafood, The Painted Cabana, BSLPOA, Mary Trask, Burnt Store Barber and Beauty, Creative Nails & Spa, and Michael Saunders (to name just a few). It's so nice to have good neighbors.

5. The hospitality of you guys around here! We never lost power at the bookshop but we did lose power to our home (until last night). I was totally blown away by the literally dozens of people (friends, casual acquaintances, neighbors, and more) who offered to open up their homes to us, and our pets, and our teenaged boy, for an indefinite amount of time while FPL was working on getting power restored to our street. I am totally heart-warmed (that's a word today, just go with it) by how generous and amazing all of you are. Thank you so much for the spontaneous, genuine, wonderful offers!

I am sure I have forgotten some people who deserve to be mentioned. That's on me - I'm still tired today. Whoever I've forgotten to mention here, please know that I AM grateful to them, I'm just a space cadet and I forgot to say it at the moment. In fact, in general, we at Sandman are all feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the entire community here - you guys are seriously, the best.

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