a list of Florida Books

with a focus on Punta Gorda and Cape Coral

by Heidi
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Florida Book List Florida Book List Florida Book List Florida Book List Florida Book List Florida Book List Florida Book List

We are often asked for books about Florida - especially titles that focus on our local area near Punta Gorda, Pine Island and Cape Coral. From historical fiction to crime novels, from travel guides to botany, here are a few of your favorite things...

  1. A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith $14.95
  2. Birds of Florida by Stan Tekiela $14.95
  3. Sanibel Flats by Randy Wayne White $9.99
  4. In Old Punta Gorda by Larkin $12.95
  5. Our Fascinating Past: A History of Charlotte County by Lindsey Williams and US Cleveland $26.95
  6. Paddles in Paradise: a guide to casual kayaking and canoeing around Punta Gorda Florida by Ed & Deb Higgins $18.95
  7. Live Like A Tourist by Christy Feinberg and Josh Olive $27
  8. Along I-75 by Dave Hunter $26.95
  9. Fisherfolk of Charlotte Harbor by Robert F. Edic (out of print, rare)
  10. Lies That Came True: The Amazing Creation of Cape Coral by Eileen Bernard (out of print, rare)
  11. The Other Side of the River: Historical Cape Coral by Betsy Zeiss (out of print, rare)
  12. Country Pride & Joy: A Punta Gorda Story by Sally Simon $12.95
  13. Lonely Planet Florida by Adam Karlin $24.99
  14. Last Train to Paradise by Les Standiford $16.00
  15. The Swamp by Michael Grunwald $18
  16. Totch: A Life in the Everglades by Loren "Totch" Brown $17.95
  17. Best. State. Ever. by Dave Barry $16
  18. At the Edge of Honor by Robert Macomber $16.95

The prices listed above refer to new copies of in-print titles, all of which are carried in our bookshop. We do stock used books as well; availability varies from day to day.

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