A Visit to the Bookshop

a preview of our new location

by Heidi
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Bookstore Storytime

As you may already know, we took this move as an opportunity to update our design. The challenge was maintaining the "old world" feeling of the Victorian woodwork and tall shelves, while modernizing other aspects of the business.

Our new aesthetic is a style we call "Industrial Atlantis." Reminiscent of Jules Verne's Nautilus, the new shop is a magical grotto of discovery and adventure...

You feel it as you approach the front door. Bright bookish murals decorate the outside of the building. Lively figures cavort in the window displays, acting out familiar scenes and ancient tales of heroism.

Inside, a secret garden of stories unfolds – princesses and pirates spring full grown from the pages of fairy tales and welcome the children to a fantasy world made just for them.

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine paths. Wander aimlessly, or seek your heart's desire. Either way you won't be disappointed.

Agatha, John, Neil, Stephen... the names on the covers speak to you, old friends saying hello. Each story is a gateway to another place and time – endless opportunity at your fingertips.

Visit old Florida, where the suffocating swampy heat weighs on your tired horse. Chase a killer in New York City or Hong Kong. Explore ancient Egypt. Travel to the future. Discover Atlantis. Here, you have the power to choose your own adventure.

Venture deeper into the stacks and long rows of shelves become intimate book-lined alcoves. Each corner reveals a new curiosity.

Pass through a chain covered metal gate to find yourself in the restricted section, home of banned books and dangerous knowledge.

In the quiet, well lit aisles, feeling the weight of knowledge all around, you think: if this place really is haunted, its ghost must be very wise.

A shadow in the corner of your eye startles you momentarily - until you realize it's the resident cat making his rounds, suspicious of any intruder into his realm. Gain his approval and your reward is a throaty purr before he moves onto his next mission, leaving you to continue your quest for endless wonder.

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