The #BookBridge

Built in 2013, The Book Bridge at Sandman Book Company is composed of repurposed hardcovers and paperbacks formed into the shape of a Roman aqueduct (adults often call it an archway; children tend to see it as a tunnel or even a fairy tale castle).

This massive art installation is made of books that were destined for the recycle bin. Instead of being destroyed, the orphaned tomes were upcycled into a work of art, right in the middle of our shop. The poetry of the elder books providing support for their intellectual descendants is not lost on our customers, and the Book Bridge has become a "must see" tourist attraction for visitors to Punta Gorda.

Many talented photographers (including local favorite David Sussman) have created their own works of art using the Book Bridge as a focal point.

About the Artist

Scott Hill (a native of Michigan) designed and built all the shelves at Sandman Book Company, as well as the art installation known as The Book Bridge. Curious about the construction of this towering tribute to literacy? Scroll down for photos of the building process...

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