A beautlful black cat

lives at Sandman Book Company (southwest Florida's largest independent bookshop). He spends his days sleeping on comfy laps and crawling over library carts. He's brought years of good luck and cheer to the bookstore with his famous "cat hugs" and epic purring. He has been known to write cat haiku from time to time, which you can read when you "Like" him on Facebook.

How Kitty Wan Kenobi Spends His Day

Cat Napping 75%

Eating 12%

Running Crazy Through the Store 7%

Bathing and Other Cat Activities 6%

Kitty Wan enjoys all things catnip. He is a connoisseur of feathers and the occasional string.

Kitty Wan tolerates well-behaved leashed dogs that do not bark. One time he met a pet bird that piqued his curiosity. If you plan on bringing a pet to the store, please let us know so we can supervise the interaction and make sure all goes well.

Kitty-Wan Kenobi is a rescue cat. He was adopted by the Sandman Book Company staff in October 2009 at the Animal Welfare League of Port Charlotte.

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