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IMPORTANT: We will not accept new authors until after August 1, 2019 (we are in the midst of moving into our new store and need to get things squared away).

Sandman Book Company carries books by local and independent writers on a consignment basis. If you'd like us to stock your book, please read all of the instructions below. Once you've read the instructions, you may download the

Submission Guidelines for Authors

Books Must...

  • have an ISBN
  • be professionally bound
  • display the title on the spine
  • have an attractive cover
  • be free of typos and errors

Promoting Your Book

As an independent author, YOU are responsible for marketing your book. Sandman does not provide marketing. We do not offer paid shelf locations, guaranteed placements, newsletter features or other publicity services of any kind. We are unable to respond to demands for promotional assistance. Advertising your book is your responsibility (or that of your publicist if you have hired one). With that being said, we do have a few suggestions for increasing sales at your friendly neighborhood bookshop:

  • TELL EVERYONE that your book is available here. Friends, family, penpals, door-to-door salesmen... encourage them all to shop local and buy a copy of your book at Sandman.
  • CONTACT THE MEDIA to tell them your book can be purchased at Sandman. If you are one of the lucky few to be featured in the newspaper, make sure to mention that you support local business by selling your book through an independent bookshop.
  • SEND PRESS RELEASES and other promo materials - when it's appropriate. If your book has a targeted readership (such as fishing, geneology, or Civil War history) seek out clubs that meet to discuss your topic.
  • BE AVAILABLE TO SPEAK about your book if a library or book club is interested in having you. Should the opportunity arise, prepare a thoughtful presentation and leave some time for Q&A.

What Sells The Best?

Your book is competing with thousands of other titles. You have less than a second to catch the attention of a potential reader. Make it count! Indie books with successful in-store sales tend have these features:

  • a low price point (under $15)
  • strong local interest ("Punta Gorda" in the title or on the cover is always a big selling point)
  • a mystery plot (e.g. “Sanibel Flats”) - or a "nature" theme (e.g. "The Orchid Thief")
  • a brief, clear title
  • high quality cover art
  • a quick plot summary or simple tagline

DOs and DON'Ts for Author Days

The purpose of our Local Author Day is to promote books by local ("Florida") writers, especially those who are independently published. In order to draw attention to these titles, we will offer a 20% discount on all books in our Florida sections on the Local Author Day. During this event, we invite local writers to spend time here at the bookshop in an informal, "open house" style of event. Rather than having a rigid schedule, this format allows authors to relax and mingle, or even sit quietly in a chair and read if they so prefer. Readers can get books autographed without the high pressure environment of the traditional book signing.

  • DO RSVP EARLY. The sooner we know you are coming, the sooner your name is on the list and readers start to see it.
  • DO FACEBOOK IT. We post our events to Facebook as well as our website calendar. You should "JOIN" the Facebook event, and you're welcome to post in the event page. Not sure what to post? A scan of your book cover is always fun.
  • DO NOT BRING A TABLE. This is an informal hangout time - not a craft fair style event. You can sit in a comfy chair and read a book, you can bring your laptop and work on your next novel, or you can pet the cat (he's convinced everyone comes to these events just for the purpose of giving him attention).
  • DO STASH EXTRA COPIES BEHIND THE FRONT COUNTER. It's a good idea to bring extra books, but everything has to go through our cash register. In order to ensure you get paid accurately, you MUST be sure every book that hits the sales floor has a Sandman price tag on it. We have plenty of shelves up front where we can hold extra copies for you during the event.
  • DO NOT CROWD THE CUSTOMERS. It's exciting to see a potential reader glancing at the cover of your book, but if you pounce on him, he'll avoid your book. Be available, but not pushy. The simplest way to do this is to stay at least 15 feet away from the book display featuring your books.
  • DO WEAR A NAME TAG. Your name tag should say "WRITER" and your name. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to wear shirts, hats or other apparel advertising your book(s).
  • DO NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THE TIME. This is an "open house" event which means come and go as you please. You don't have to be here right at noon; you don't have to stay all day; and you should take a lunch break whenever you want. Have fun!
  • DO ATTEND THE PHOTO OP AT 1:30 p m. We usually submit a press release after the event, and authors who are in the picture will be named in the press release.

You Should Know:

Hosting an event costs the bookshop around $300 to $500. Because it's nearly impossible to recoup that amount in sales from a single author's book in one day, we do a combined Local Author Day once a month during winter (November through April).

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