URGENT! Please note: during our move, book exchange is temporarily suspended so that we can pack up and relocate everything without losing our minds. After we are settled into our new location, you may once again bring in your books for trade. Thank you for your patience!

Book Exchange F.A.Q.

We do not pay cash for books, but we do accept clean, gently used books in trade. Carefully place your books in a clean box or a clean paper grocery sack with your name clearly written on the outside of the container. Bring them to our Trade-In Counter and fill out a Book Exchange Form for each one. Once processed, we will issue a Book Exchange Coupon (BEC) and apply it to your account. Processing will take 36-48 hours!

For same-day turnaround, books must have intact Sandman tags. If the books do not have tags, processing takes 36 to 48 hours. Expect delays for high volume.
We cannot return containers to you. If you bring books in a tote bag, a plastic tub, etc, you will never see those bags or tubs again. The best thing is to neatly stack your books flat (not standing up, this damages the spines) in a paper grocery sack. DO NOT USE PLASTIC GARBAGE BAGS to transport your books as it will damage them (resulting in a lower coupon value).
Most trade-ins are completed within 48 hours. Expect delays for high volume.
We cannot determine BEC value before processing. Keep in mind that BEC value is not related to how much you may have originally paid for a certain title. If you purchased a title from Sandman Books and the original tag is intact, we MAY issue up to half the tag price based on condition.
Books with mold, smoke odor, water damage, missing / torn pages, foxing, mildew, tears, missing dust jackets, and other blemishes will be rejected. Former library books, clearance returns, non-fiction books which are out of date, periodicals, most textbooks, and hardcovers that have lost their jackets will be rejected. Rejected books will be recycled.
Our book exchange policy has not changed since 2009.
No. Processing must be done after we close, which means we cannot provide same-day turnaround.
No. Unpaid items can only be held until the close of business on the same day.
Yes! A bookshop is surprisingly expensive to run; when you choose to donate your books that saves quite a bit of staff time, freeing us up for other useful things. Every little bit helps. Thank you!
Book Exchange Coupon may be applied towards the purchase of used books which are currently in stock.

It will not work on:

• New Arrivals

• Special Orders

• Rare Books

• Florida Books

• Textbooks

• CDs & DVDs

• Audiobooks

• Items with yellow tags

• Music

• Toys

• Games

• Puzzles

• Stationery

• Apparel


You cannot combine BEC with any other sales, discounts or coupons.

Your Book Exchange Coupon will expire after one year.

Could not find the answer?

If you have additional questions about our book exchange policy, please contact us.

Remember, we do not pay cash for books.

You can also download a printable version of the Book Exchange Guidelines here.

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