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Punta Gorda Calendar by David Sussman, $12

Don't miss out on the 2019 edition of this popular calendar featuring images from award winning Florida nature photographer David Sussman! $12 including shipping to any US address. These are FRAMEABLE quality prints from an amazing local artist - if you have evolved past wall calendars, this is still a GREAT deal because you are basically getting 12 spectacular David Sussman prints for a dollar each. All you have to do is cut them apart and frame them!

Punta Gorda David Sussman

A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith. Paperback, $15

ACT NOW! For a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING to US addresses on this classic Florida title. This book is the number one bestseller in our Punta Gorda bookshop. Curious? Visit our blog to read all about it.

A Land Remembered

Our Fascinating Past: Charlotte Harbor by Lindsay Williams, Hardcover, Volume I or II.

Lindsey Williams Charlotte Harbor History Punta Gorda Our Fascinating Past


No Sunscreen for the Dead by Tim Dorsey, $25.99

AUTHOGRAPHED by the author (Tim Dorsey).

Punta Gorda David Sussman

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