The Seismic Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings (Pamphlet)

The Seismic Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings By Antonio Aguilar, National Park Service (U.S.) Cover Image
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This Preservation Brief provides information on how earthquakes affect historic buildings, how a historic preservation ethic can guide responsible retrofit decisions, and how various methods of seismic rehabilitation can protect human lives and historic structures. The Brief provides a description of the most common vulnerabilities of various building construction types and the seismic strengthening methods most often needed to remedy them. A glossary of technical terms is also provided at the end of the Brief.

Undertaking the seismic rehabilitation of a historic building is a process that requires careful planning and execution, and the coordinated work of architects, engineers, code officials, contractors, and agency administrators. Project personnel working together can ensure that the architectural, structural, financial, programmatic, cultural, and social values of historic buildings are preserved, while rendering them safe for continued use.

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ISBN: 9780160932526
ISBN-10: 0160932521
Publisher: National Park Service
Publication Date: June 24th, 2016
Pages: 20
Language: English