Wildlife of the North: Animals of the High Latitudes of North America and Europe (Paperback)

Wildlife of the North: Animals of the High Latitudes of North America and Europe By Hälle Flygare, Valerius Geist, Geoffrey Holroyd Cover Image
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"The Arctic is the greatest wilderness on Earth", says wildlife guide and photographer Halle Flygare

In this beautiful book of pictures of birds and mammals of the high country and far north, two eminent biologists (Valerius Geist and Geoff Holroyd) and two well-travelled nature photographers with many years experience observing wild animals (H lle Flygare and Wayne Lynch) depict and describe the wild survivors of the great ice age

Before that period, our now-temperate regions were populated by giants: woolly mammoths, enormous bison, short-faced bears, American cheetahs, ground sloths, gigantic beavers and deer with 4-metre wide antlers

But even now, "North" means "big" This book shows Polar and Alaska Brown bears, big wild sheep, caribou and cougars; whales, orcas, narwhals and beluga whales; wolves, golden and bald eagles, and walrus But the smaller Arctic mammals and birds are here too: Arctic fox, hares, otters and geese, loons and ptarmigan

The backdrop is sometimes snow and ice, sometimes the splendid color of a northern autumn, in scarlets and golds, and the blues of coastal waters

The text is both factual -- explaining why the creatures have evolved to look and behave the way they do -- and revelatory: why we need to slow climate change, reduce poisons and habitat loss in the environment as bird populations slide Why changing the population decline is important to us as humans on Planet Earth What we should, and can, do

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