Bad Omen: Nunavut (Paperback)

Bad Omen: Nunavut By Dean L. Hovey, John Wisdomkeeper Cover Image
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Summoned from his comfortable Toronto college life, Christopher Pokaik returns to visit the grandfather who raised him. Surprised by the evolving culture of the newly created Nunavut Territory, he's befriended by an Inuit RCMP Special Constable who helps him understand his Inuit roots. Despite her guidance, he finds himself chased by both earthly demons, and those in the northern lights. Will they lead him back to Toronto, to a new life in Iqaluit, or will they lead to his demise?

Editorial Reviews

Dean L Hovey and John Wisdomkeeper weave a story of homecoming, homegoing and the importance of community to the Inuit people. Through Christopher, you learn about this province-you-didn't-realize-was-a-province, Nunavut, and the Inuit people and the effect ecological tourism has on it. While the story is fictional, the struggle is not. Keeping traditional customs while living in modern times is a hardship many native cultures face.

Christopher's river journey brings him face-to-face with corporate greed, tourist apathy and his own sense of self. You'll gasp, you'll sigh, you might even get angry, but Hovey and Wisdomkeeper bring Christopher right back where he belongs.

- Anne Flagge, Administrator and retired librarian

Bad Omen is an intriguing journey into the world and mystique of the Inuit. In this journey, we are introduced to mystery, adventure and the delightfully drawn characters of this world.

The characters are marvelous, and you leave the tome with a feeling of having met new friends that you will never forget. The Inuit society is fascinating. The read is very well written, and enjoyable. I very highly recommend the Bad Omen to anyone who wishes to pass a fun couple of days mixed with a great learning experience.

- Greg Peterson M.D.

Hovey blends the turmoil of expectations of life in the outside world with the heart and soul drawing you back to life in simpler times. Set in remote Nunavut on Baffin Island, our college aged man continues to struggle with memories of family and friends while desiring to complete his education and escape to larger, more progressive areas all while struggling with those who still try to conquer First Peoples.

- Michael Westfall D.V.M.

I have never been to the parts of Canada that are written about in this book, but now, I feel like I have. Dean has a way of bringing you to the locations with the characters. This is the kind of book that inspires me to do my own research - a mark of good fiction rooted in truth. We are never done learning about the people and cultures around us.

-Margaret Pearson Nelson, Librarian

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