Issues and Actors in the Global Political Economy (Paperback)

Issues and Actors in the Global Political Economy By André Broome Cover Image
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A major new text on contemporary global political economy that focuses centrally on key issues and actors. Concise and accessibly written, it provides an ideal introduction to the contemporary dynamics and processes of change in the global political economy.

Praise For…

"An ideal introduction to the field of international political economy for both undergraduates and masters' classes, addressing an array of topics from finance to development, NGOs to inter-governmental bodies, and realist to feminist political economy. It incorporates contemporary developments without losing sight of both deeper structures and trends within IPE." – Jason Sharman, Griffith University, Australia

"A highly innovative and exceptionally informative textbook that is about as comprehensive as it gets, is distinctive in its approach not least through its novel focus on actors in the world economy, and is right up-to-date with respect to the key issues, theories and debates that have emerged in the discipline within the last decade. A brilliant IPE textbook for the 21st century." – John M. Hobson, University of Sheffield, UK

"A comprehensive study of an ever-expanding field, usefully divided into the theories, actors and topics that constitute the agenda of contemporary research into the global political economy. It allows the student to engage with the key concerns of the field at multiple levels simultaneously, providing a synoptic approach that other textbooks lack." – Mark Blyth, Brown University, USA

"Clearly presented and engagingly written, this analysis offers a fresh and timely perspective on the global political economy and is an essential read for students of the field." – Jacqueline Best, University of Ottawa, Canada

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ISBN: 9780230289161
ISBN-10: 0230289169
Publisher: Red Globe Press
Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
Pages: 344
Language: English