Coal and Coalbed Gas: Future Directions and Opportunities (Paperback)

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Coal and Coalbed Gas: Future Directions and Opportunities By Romeo M. Flores, Tim A. Moore Cover Image
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Coal and Coalbed Gas: Future Directions and Opportunities, Second Edition provides the latest research and advances, highlighting shifting trends of coal use and remaining resiliency on 'a tale of two worlds, ' one half (West Europe, North America) moving away for cleaner energy sources and the other half (Asia-China-Pacific region, East Europe, South America) upping coal demand as an affordable energy source. The book emphasizes coalmine gases (CMM and AMM) as equally important as coal-fired power plants CO2 emissions as sources of potent anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) prioritized for capture, use and storage and underscores R&D of emerging non-fuel uses towards coal-to-carbon-based products.

Each chapter in this book is fully updated, with two new chapters covering the global occurrence of coal, the environmental impact of coal and coalbed gas use, and alternative, non-fuel uses of coal.

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ISBN: 9780323859370
ISBN-10: 0323859372
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Language: English