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How do you love an “impossible” teenager?

“An effective way of uniting parents to square off against the youngsters’ own powerful peer group that endorses drugtaking and rebelliousness.”—Time

Thousands of parents are finding new hope in dealing with rebellious teenagers through Toughlove, a self-help program which has grown to over eight hundred groups throughout the United States and Canada in less than six years. Now, for the first time in book form, the founders tell how Toughlove works.

“You need Toughlove if you feel helpless and unable to cope with your teenagers’ behavior or if you feel victimized by them, disappointed in yourself as a parent, guilty because you think you have done a rotten job and are frightened bythe potential for violence in yourself and your children. . . . Remember, you have the right to a night’s sleep without where your kid is—or being awakened by a phone call from the police or a hospital or a drunk teenager who’s stranded somewhere.”—Ann Landers

About the Author

Phyllis York is the author of Toughlove and the coauthor of Toughlove Solutions. Her trouble with her own adolescent daughter sparked the Toughlove program, which she cofounded with the aim of giving parents the tools to change their own behavior so that they would no longer accept unacceptable behavior from their children.

Ted Wachtel is the author of Dreaming of a New Reality: How Restorative Practices Reduce Crime and Violence, Improve Relationships and Strengthen Civil Society and Restorative Justice Conferencing, Volume 1: Real Justice; and the coauthor of Toughlove. Wachtel is the founder and former president of the International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School in Pennsylvania.

David York was the coauthor, along with his wife Phyllis, of Toughlove Solutions. He died in 2007.

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