Grammar of Old English V2 (Hardcover)

Grammar of Old English V2 By Richard M. Hogg, R. D. Fulk Cover Image
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A Grammar of Old English, Volume II: Morphology completes Richard M. Hogg's two-volume analysis of the sounds and grammatical forms of the Old English language.
  • Incorporates insights derived from the latest theoretical and technological advances, which post-date most Old English grammars
  • Utilizes the databases of the Toronto Dictionary of Old English project - a digital corpus comprising at least one copy of each text surviving in Old English
  • Features separation of diachronic and synchronic considerations in the sometimes complicated analysis of Old English noun morphology
  • Includes extensive bibliographical coverage of Old English morphology

About the Author

The late Richard M. Hogg was Professor of English Language at the University of Manchester. He was the General Editor of the Cambridge History of the English Language and author, with C. B. McCully, of Metrical Phonology: A Coursebook (1987), and editor, with David Denison, of A History of the English Language (2008). R. D. Fulk is Chancellor's Professor of English at Indiana University. His books include The Origins of Indo-European Quantitative Ablaut (1986), A History of Old English Meter (1992), and as editor, with Robert E. Bjork and John D. Niles, Klaeber's Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg, 4th Edition (2008).

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