The Concordian Chronicles: Jonah's Awakening (Hardcover)

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In the vast and enigmatic Middle Astral Realm, a soul known as Master Jakeel yearns for one last adventure in the Physical Realm. Countless lifetimes of wisdom and growth have led him to this pivotal moment. He hungers for one last transformative experience that only Earth can provide, and thus, he chooses the guise of Jonah Michaels for his next incarnation.

As Jonah, a young adult living on Earth, he awakens one morning unaware that his life is about to take an extraordinary turn. In a surreal twist of fate, he finds himself transported to an entirely new dimension, known as Concordia. Bewildered, Jonah unravels a profound revelation about his true identity and purpose-that he is a Concordian Guardian, charged with safeguarding all dimensions from the malevolent threat of Infringers, nefarious entities that seek to invade and wreak havoc on unsuspecting realms.

After his latent powers are unlocked, Jonah embarks on a journey of training and self-discovery, where he forms unbreakable bonds with a close-knit group of fellow guardians. Together, they undergo rigorous physical challenges that push their limits, preparing them to defend the dimensions in Concordia's care. Amid the trials and tribulations, an ominous truth comes to light-the wicked Governor Ragnar, ruler of Planet Zareet, has devised an insidious plan to invade Planet Ebris in a neighboring dimension. His sinister scheme involves plundering Ebris' valuable resources to empower his own planet, potentially dooming millions of innocent lives.

Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling odyssey where courage, sacrifice, and resilience will forge the path of these young guardians. Join Jonah as he and his friends grapple with their innermost convictions and make the ultimate choice between loyalty and the pursuit of justice. The fate of the multiverse lies within their hands.

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ISBN: 9780645924848
ISBN-10: 0645924849
Publisher: John Darous
Publication Date: September 10th, 2023
Pages: 296
Language: English