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Writing: A Spiritual Voice is not a technical book. Of those, there are many wonderful ones. It is about tuning into the writer's spiritual voice. It is about the personal and unique ways my writing has developed (as will yours) due to the foremost goal of listening and responding to the Divine. In a sense, all good writers are spiritual because if they are good, they are inspired. We are trying to make that link to individual inspiration more direct. If you are a spiritual student and a writer, you will want to use your writing for spiritual purposes in the same way that we use everything to align and expand our spiritual being.

The Creative Spirit Series is a 2-book nonfiction series. We don't have desires by accident. Good desires are planted in us because we are meant to follow them, explore them, wrestle with them, and have them form us. If we do this and do it in the right way, the result is happiness. If we do anything in the right way, the result is happiness.

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ISBN: 9780648929581
ISBN-10: 0648929582
Publisher: Donna Goddard
Publication Date: January 26th, 2023
Pages: 118
Language: English