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Citizen, have you seen the black and yellow menace? They may have already infiltrated your workplace, your school or EVEN YOUR HOME I'm talking about wasps. WASPS OF THE MUTANT AND MAN-EATING VARIETY They hate you, they hate me and they hate America. Has a wasp stung you or someone you love for no reason at all? Well that was probably just a regular wasp. They do that. Was the wasp THE SIZE OF A TRUCK at the time? Then you encountered a mutant wasp Perhaps a coworker has recently called in sick with a case of BEING PARALYZED AND THEN EATEN ALIVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT BY WASP OFFSPRING. This may be a sign he chanced upon a mutant wasp Be vigilant If you see one, SPEAK UP The Army is standing by, ready to kill on contact and keep on killing-even though this whole mutant wasp business was DEFINITELY AND TOTALLY NOT OUR FAULT. Together we can squish this threat.

About the Author

Richard J. Kendrick proofreads deadly serious nonfiction by day and scribbles fantasy when he can find a moment. He spends the rest of his time spoiling his family and riding his bike.

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ISBN: 9780692520031
ISBN-10: 0692520031
Publisher: Consolidated Breadheaters Publishing
Publication Date: August 28th, 2015
Pages: 276
Language: English