Volume Six: Tales of Insects (Books of Nine Lives #6) (Hardcover)

Volume Six: Tales of Insects (Books of Nine Lives #6) By Pleasant DeSpain Cover Image
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From the Books of Nine Lives series by award-winning author, Pleasant DeSpain. Insects have always been a part of the human existence. Whether they've annoyed us with buzzing, bites, or stings, or fascinated us with their complexities, we have noticed them enough to give them personalities and histories. These tales make us aware that insects exist for a purpose. Because these stories humanize insects, they can also show us our own foibles and strengths.Tales of tricksters and heroes, teachers and fools, come from countries all over the world, including: West Africa ("Why Ants Carry Heavy Loads"), Fiji ("Butterfly's Bet"), Mexico ("Grasshopper's Army"), and Jamaica ("Firefly Lights the Way").Pleasant DeSpain is the author of numerous collections of multicultural stories, including the highly regarded Thirty-Three Multicultural Tales to Tell, Sweet Land of Story, and The Emerald Lizard. He has traveled all over the United States and the world, collecting stories to share with children and adults.

About the Author

Pleasant DeSpain Bio: Pleasant DeSpain has a most unusual but true name and an equally unusual but true profession - writer and storyteller. He travels the world collecting, researching, writing and retelling traditional tales from native cultures. Born in Colorado, he wrote his first original story at age eight. It was published as "The Mystery Artist" in 1996. Pleasant taught speech-literature-drama for six years at three universities, and wrote-produced-hosted an award-winning TV show called "Pleasant Journeys" on KING TV, Seattle. Now, the author of eighteen award-winning, multicultural story collections and picture books, published by August House, has a home in Troy, NY and frequently travels to spend extended periods of time in Thailand. Pleasant continues to travel the world having amazing adventures. While living in Thailand he has continued to collect more stories and is working on a new book.

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ISBN: 9780874836684
ISBN-10: 0874836689
Publisher: August House Publishers
Publication Date: December 15th, 2005
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: Books of Nine Lives