Seven Soldiers (Paperback)

Seven Soldiers By Philip B. Storm Cover Image
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"We have a chance to both serve our country and get very rich," An amazing story, never told until now about the opium drug trade, billions of dollars and the Vietnam War. Seven Soldiers reveals the true story of a secret mission that funded the Vietnam War. Based on eye-witness accounts, Seven Soldiers details a journey of adventure, riches and danger that no one has dared to tell before. Follow the lives of seven soldiers from diverse backgrounds and cultures who form a bond in basic training. Two of the seven are selected for a special forces mission and are rewarded with extraordinary wealth for serving their country with valor. The exciting secret mission took the two young soldiers into the Golden Triangle, notorious for its poppy and heroin trade, where the rules of war did not apply. Why were these two men selected and how did they become rich for following orders? Discover why one of these green berets earned his country's most distinguished decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor. If you are serving your country now, if you are a veteran or just interested in honest American military history, Seven Soldiers is essential reading and an important facet of the Vietnam War.

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ISBN: 9780982510940
ISBN-10: 0982510942
Publisher: Barringer Publishing/Schlesinger Advertising
Publication Date: May 10th, 2010
Pages: 340
Language: English