Ready, Aim, Impact! The Expert Insights System for Entrepreneurial Success (Paperback)

Ready, Aim, Impact! The Expert Insights System for Entrepreneurial Success By Viki Winterton, Christian Mickelsen, Kendall Summerhawk Cover Image
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What if you could tap into the minds of today's most visionary business experts for their treasured formulas and success secrets?

YOU CAN- RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and make a powerful impact on your life and your business, now and forever

We live in the most confusing climate of our era where even "tried and true" client attraction and retention methods are just not working.

Some of the best marketers are finding it challenging to attract the audience who may have flocked to them just a few short months ago. We see fees dropping, entrepreneurs offering more for less, and new slants on old business models aren't cutting it anymore. Along with these challenges comes increased difficulty as we strive to form meaningful connections in the midst of a technology-driven society.

We must face the reality that yesterday's solutions won't solve today's problems. To be successful in reaching out, maintaining relationships, generating new business, and remaining competitive in our industry, we must identify a new approach.

In this indispensable resource, top visionaries and experts share their success secrets, proven formulas, and the defining moments that have shaped their lives and careers. A wealth of information is delivered within these exclusive interviews for the purpose of guiding you on your own journey to success. You have a vision for what you hope your business-your contribution to the world-will be. But the road to get there often seems winding, uneven, and filled with pitfalls.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and allow each of these experts to share with you about their own personal journey. Explore the dedication it required, which processes proved successful, where it led them, and what they learned along the way.

Each conversation contained in these pages is empowering, inspiring, and priceless, and you will find yourself in the pages of these interviews and in these accounts of occupational achievement and personal triumph.

About the Author

Michael E. Gerber, Best-Selling Author of E-Myth, Founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies: Why Entrepreneuers Fail! Dr. Relly Nadler, Executive Coach, EI Expert: Emotional Intelligence, Performance, and Prosperity! Christian Mickelsen, Author on Prosperous Business Practices: Grow Business With Free Sessions That Sell! Viki Winterton, Fortune 100 Coach, Founder Of Expert Insights: Get Social and Get Rich! James Malinchak, Top Speaker Featured on ABC' Secret Millionaire: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! Lisa Bloom, Story Coach: Your Story Is Your Success! Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Leadership Expert, NY Times Best-Selling Author: Happiness = Profit Business Formula! Kendall SummerHawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach: Fulfill Your Purpose Through a Thriving Business! Dr. Sherry Buffington, Psychologist, Author, Coach, Founder of NaviCare International: The Science of Getting the Results You Want! Tsufit, Highly Praised Coach, Author of Step Into the Spotlight: Discover What It Means to Become Spotlightworthy! Dr. Sharon Melnick, Harvard Researcher, Expert on Productivity: Propelling Your Productivity and Your Bottom Line! Michael Charest, Author, Coach, President of Business Growth Solutions: Serve People-Make an Impact on the World

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ISBN: 9780983737902
ISBN-10: 0983737908
Publisher: Expert Insights Publishing
Publication Date: November 7th, 2012
Pages: 174
Language: English