The Trouble with Tabbies (Paperback)

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The cats are here to stay. But is he? Beatrix Fuller's income as a romance writer keeps her dozens of rescue cats in food and kitty litter, but she dreams of using a promised family inheritance to help build a state of the art cat adoption facility. To get the money, she has to present her fianc to her father for approval at the family estate in Aspen, Colorado.The kink in this cat tale? The fianc Bea's told her family about for years is as fictional as the oh-so-perfect leading men in her books. She needs a fake fianc fast, and she has two requirements: 1) must love cats and 2) no getting involved. Bea's written romance long enough to know that false engagements lead to real relationships and she's not interested.Although photographer Sebastian Ross spends every morning shooting in the gorgeous Colorado mountains, buyers aren't exactly lined up to purchase his work. After Seb responds to Bea's posting for a fake fianc , they make a deal: pretend to be madly in love for the sake of her cats and his ridiculously high rent. But if they so much as kiss, Bea will give up her favorite fur baby and Seb will sell his beloved Canon.A foolproof plan . . . until something grows between these fools that looks a lot like love. Read now and fall for this fake relationship romance in the "quirky, hilarious, endearing" Love & Pets sweet romance series by USA Today bestselling author A.G. Henley The Love & Pets Series: 1. The Problem with Pugs2. The Trouble with Tabbies3. The Downside of Dachshunds4. The Lessons of Labradors5. The Predicament of Persians 6. The Conundrum of Collies 7. The Pandemonium of Pets: A Love & Pets Christmas Romance.

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ISBN: 9780999655245
ISBN-10: 0999655248
Publisher: Central Park Books
Publication Date: August 27th, 2019
Pages: 204
Language: English