Hebrew Salvation: Hosea-4 (Paperback)

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Many among the Peoples in the West are to a significant degree of Hebrew Descent. In Ancient Times they had separated from Judah (the present-day Jews) and created their own Kingdom. Eventually they were conquered by the Assyrians. They moved via different pathways of migration to the west. The Prophet Hosea in the Bible described the situation today in Western Nations. He also referred to events in the past and in his own time. Megalithic Monuments, such as dolmens, were to be found in the Land of Israel. The Hebrews when they moved westward were told to put such monuments up along their route to serve in the future as evidence of their Hebrew Origins It was prophesied that the Ten Tribes will re-unite with Judah. Many will return to the Land of Israel. For others the Lands they are now in will become part of the Holy Land The return will be preceded by a War between the Ten Tribes, headed by Ephraim, and the forces of Edom. The Lost Israelites may have to fight against certain Non-Israelite Nations. Ephraim (i.e. the Ten Tribes of Israel) will repent. Rabbi Moshe David Valle, a Rabbinical Mystic in the 1700s, interpreted passages in the Book of Hosea as saying that Ephraim in the End Times will have completed his task. Henceforth there will be no more need for Ephraim to remain hidden and in Exile. This study involves matters of great importance for many in the West Today. This book is an important key to understanding Biblical prophecy. Some of the information within this work has never previously been made public.

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