Live Tax-Free: Five-Steps to Wealth and Freedom Abroad. Join US Expats and Digital Nomads Overseas (Paperback)

Live Tax-Free: Five-Steps to Wealth and Freedom Abroad. Join US Expats and Digital Nomads Overseas By Ken Fisher Cover Image
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Live Tax-Free is your Five-Step Roadmap to 'Living Better for less Abroad.'

Live Tax-Free is the definitive guide on how Americans can achieve a more prosperous lifestyle, eliminate debt, spend less, and free up money to invest by 'going international.' Given the recent pandemic, the future of business is remote working. It has become the norm because of covid.

But what most people do not know is that there are substantial financial benefits from living abroad and working remotely. For instance, did you know that the US tax code allows you to pay absolutely $0 US income tax on up to $121,000 (or more) when you 'go international'?

And if both you and your spouse qualify, you can double the tax-free 'joy' to $242,000 (2 x $121,000) every year and not owe Uncle Sam a nickel ($0 in taxes).

So, working remotely from abroad can be a brilliant 'financial' move. And we'll show you how to do it. After all, what is a goal without an action plan?

  • Freedom-Factor #1 is lower taxes. Follow the Five-Steps in our Tax-Free Roadmap(TM), and you can put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year.
  • Freedom-Factor #2 is substantially lowering your everyday 'cost of living.' So, you'll save tens of thousands more each year via the lower cost of living typically found abroad.

A Powerful Combination

The combination of lower taxes and a reduced cost of living is a powerful investment. This money-smart and lifestyle-enhancing strategy can create hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in only a few short years abroad.

Utilize this newfound wealth to meet your essential goals like college educations, debt elimination, home purchase, helping others, and funding your retirement. It can even help you recover from the financial impact of the pandemic. That's big stuff.

For over thirty years, the tax advisors at have designed and perfected international tax strategies and opportunities. In the process, we've flown millions of international air miles, formed and built foreign companies, opened foreign bank accounts, worked remotely, and gained second residencies in countries abroad - we've lived the expat lifestyle.

By experiencing every aspect of expatriate life firsthand, we have the unique ability to convey to our clients and readers holistic expat strategies in clear, accessible, actionable language.

So, by the end of this book, you'll know and understand the five straightforward steps to build a better quality of life abroad. You'll also learn how to substantially reduce your everyday cost of living and the best places abroad to live tax-free (while remaining a US citizen).

This book answers your questions on:

  • The 5-Steps to living Tax-Free;
  • How to live large for a fraction of the price back in the US;
  • Where to gain second "tax-free" residencies abroad;
  • The pluses and minuses of offshore bank accounts;
  • Which business structures to use, including foreign companies; and
  • Which forms to file to claim your lucrative tax savings.

We'll show you many generous expat tax benefits that can dramatically lower your tax bills. And, these same strategies can also open up your life to new adventures and possibilities.

Through our publications and consulting work, provides our clients and readers around the world with global tax strategies and lifestyle approaches that have the power to change their lives.

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Publication Date: October 11th, 2021
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