How to Draw Anime: The Essential Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Drawing Anime Includes Manga and Chibi Perfect for All Ages! (How to Dr (Paperback)

How to Draw Anime: The Essential Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Drawing Anime Includes Manga and Chibi Perfect for All Ages! (How to Dr By Matsuda Publishing (Created by) Cover Image
By Matsuda Publishing (Created by)
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How to Draw Anime & Manga for Beginners An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for All Ages

Do you have a child, tween or teenager who loves Anime and Manga? Maybe you are curious yourself and want to try out something completely new?

This book will teach you or your kids exactly how to draw anime faces & manga comics with ease, with a super simple step-by-step method and easy-to-follow approach. It starts with the absolute basics and guides you through every step of the way... making drawing fun and easy for everyone

You can get started drawing anime straight away

Covering everything from head shapes to hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, necks and more, your child will learn exactly how to map out the entire face to create flawless & stunning illustrations for a wide range of facial expressions and characters. You'll turn your child into the artist they've always dreamed of

Find detailed instructions on how to draw:

✓ Anime

✓ Manga

✓ Chibi

✓ Chibi Emotions & Eyes

✓ Anime Boys & Anime Girls

✓ The Facial Guidelines and Exact Method to Create Realistic Proportions

✓ Anime Eyes

✓ Closed Eyes & Loads of Different Styles

✓ Lots of Awesome Anime Hairstyles

✓ Anime Mouths & Emotions

✓ Character Development & Storyline Creation

✓ Shading

✓ Speech Bubbles & Manga

✓ Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Just to name a few

The book then pulls everything together at the end to give your child an exciting opportunity to create their very own manga comic book

The blank comic book pages at the back can be cut-out to provide the exact structure they need to fire up their imagination and give them the unique chance to practice everything they've learnt.

They'll hold in their hands something unique and tangible that they can be truly proud of And then show off to all the kids at school.


  • Simple, step-by-step tutorials that anyone can follow, of all ages
  • Covers all the essential details and features to create professional-looking drawings, starting with the basic guidelines to map out the entire face, and then the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair & more
  • The book then goes further to give a basic approach to character development, naming your own characters, and creating your own manga storyline & comic book
  • Heaps of bonus chapters for shading, common mistakes, chibis, emotions and more
  • It's perfect for kids of all ages - large 8.5 by 11 inch pages, and lots of awesome illustrations
  • A Wonderful Gift Idea For Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays and Special Occasions

This book is an absolute must-have for both complete beginners and advanced artists alike.

It's for both boys and girls and is great for all ages from around 7 and up. (Any younger and there is a bit too much text for younger readers, but the illustrations are still perfect right down to toddlers)

Can't draw? I don't believe you Everyone can draw This book will show you how with our unique step-by-step method that's painless, easy-to-follow and above all, a whole load of fun

Ready to get started drawing anime? Then scroll up and grab your copy today

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