Investment Analysis: An Introduction to Portfolio Theory and Management (Hardcover)

Investment Analysis: An Introduction to Portfolio Theory and Management By Michael Dempsey Cover Image
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This textbook is designed as a core text for finance courses that cover market investments, portfolio formation, and the management of investment portfolios. As such, the text seeks to convey insight and actual wisdom as to the nature of these activities. When combined with a commitment to thinking independently, the text offers the student a rigorous preparation for entry to the funds management industry.

The text is presented in three parts. In Part A, the text introduces the fundamental techniques of investment analysis: a bottom-up and top-down analysis of the firm aimed at an evaluation of the underlying share as a buy, hold, or a sell recommendation. Part B offers the reader an intuitive grasp of the nature of investment growth, both across time and across assets. Part C introduces the reader to the technicalities of portfolio construction and portfolio management. The text concludes with an assessment of the funds management industry.

The text builds in step-by-step stages with Illustrative Examples that consolidate the student's progress and understanding through each chapter. Each of parts A, B, and C (above) has sufficient material to justify a separate course. If the student has exposure to a more foundational course in finance, Parts A and B can be covered as a single course. If from other courses, the student is familiar with the essence of Parts A and B and with statistical concepts, the text can be covered as a single course. The text can therefore be presented readily at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level at a pace appropriate to the student's prior exposure to the concepts.

About the Author

Michael Dempsey is Professor of Finance at Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, having previously been Professor of Finance and Head of Finance at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. His personal web page can be found at

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