The Wreck of the Titan: Or: Futility, and Other Stories (Paperback)

The Wreck of the Titan: Or: Futility, and Other Stories By Morgan Robertson Cover Image
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This book sparked shocking conspiracy theories about a historical incident. Here's why...

The novel follows John Rowland, an alcoholic former US Navy officer who works as deckhand on the Titan. "She was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men. In her construction and maintenance were involved every science, profession, and trade known to civilization."

The ship was described as "unsinkable" by the author. However, it did indeed sink in April after it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

Sound familiar?

Those are not the only uncanny similarities between the fictitious Titan and the real Titanic, the two ships were about the same size, had similar speed limits, dangerously few lifeboats, and a capacity of 3000 passengers.

What's shocking is that this novel was written YEARS before the Titanic was even conceptualized.

This lead many to believe that the legendary financier JP Morgan, the owner of the company that owned the Titanic, was behind a scheme to sink her, especially that he was planned to be on board the ship in her maiden voyage but made a last-second cancellation. The reason is said to be that he wanted to eliminate some of the wealthiest men on the planet who opposed his ambition to build the Federal Reserve system, many of whom were on the Titanic.

Read this thrilling novel to learn more similarities between the Titan and the Titanic, and discover the fate of John Rowland, and three other gripping naval stories

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