Dogs, Owners of the City (Paperback)

Dogs, Owners of the City By Laura Lavay N., Laura Lavayen Cover Image
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There may be a town called Santa Catalina, but the one in this book is creation of the author. What is real and happens all over the world is the problem of dogs living on the street. They, like human beings, suffer and their life is a bit similar to the homeless people. This is not a beautiful picture and many turn to look the other way as if not looking would avoid feelings of remorse for not trying to help them. The truth is that many problems could be prevented if we all worked together to help those beings that, for various reasons, end up living without a roof over their heads. We all try to live a life without hardship, however there are many reasons that lead us to failure and we use all necessary means to not fall too low. But dogs, after being domesticated and living for many years with human beings, have learned to depend on them for survival and deserve to live with respect.

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ISBN: 9781426963957
ISBN-10: 1426963955
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2011
Pages: 316
Language: English