Monsters Among Us (Paperback)

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Our very first officially licensed game book has just been released TidalWave Productions and present: MONSTERS AMONG US https: // MONSTERS AMONG US The Monsters Among Us comicbook series in the TidalWave Universe is the story of a super-team composed of Monsters, who battle destructive and evil fellow monsters as well as the often even more savage and evil humans who wish to capture and kill all Monsters, for nefarious reasons of their own. They are stories of some moral complexity but which are still swashbuckling, fast moving and fun This sourcebook provides what is needed to play and run Monsters Among Us or your own original similar super-team of Monsters. The only other resource needed is the original FASERIPopedia rulebook. This book is divided into three sections: SECTION ONE: MONSTERS IN FASERIPOPEDIA Detailing the game rules and details of how to run Monsters Among Us in your own FASERIPopedia games; SECTION TWO: MONSTER LISTS Providing statistics for Monsters of folklore as seen in the pages of the Monsters Among Us comicbooks; and SECTION THREE: CHARACTER ROSTER Providing character sheets for the heroes who compose the Monsters Among Us super-team and their main foes and allies. ... Get back to the real old school fun of a superhero game, where a living comic book universe offers its characters and settings for use in your games TidalWave Productions has a variety of new superhero series, forming an amazing tapestry, and now your FASERIP system games can explore them all, beginning with - MONSTERS AMONG US.

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ISBN: 9781447720225
ISBN-10: 1447720229
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English