Beautiful & Hero (Hardcover)

Beautiful & Hero By Chimia Y. Hill-Burton Cover Image
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Karla Na'Shell Jacobs believes she lives a normal twenty-eight year old life. She is educated, works at a bank and has her life pretty much together. Until she goes out with a group of friends one night and gets mugged in a restaurant parking lot. As Karla watches her life flash before her eyes, she is rescued by a devilishly handsome, charming man name Derius Kenai Phillips. She instantly falls for her rescuer, there is just one problem he is only in the eleventh grade From then on Karla struggles as she enters a relationship with Derius and though her better judgment tells her she can end up in prison, she falls for him anyway. Through her relationship with Derius, Karla, deals with how Derius's mother, his friends, her family, friends, society and even herself feels about her relationship. As their relationship flourishes; Karla has to learn to deal with the complexities of dating a younger man. Derius is like no other man she has never met before, his love and devotion to her makes it hard for Karla to want to walk away. When its all said and done she ultimately learns through her Hero does age really matter, when it comes to matters of the heart.

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ISBN: 9781463415389
ISBN-10: 1463415389
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: July 8th, 2011
Pages: 164
Language: English