Remnants: The Corporate Chronicles: Book One: Leaving the Nest (Paperback)

Remnants: The Corporate Chronicles: Book One: Leaving the Nest By Lilliana Annette Deeters Cover Image
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In the Future of 2060, when the world has become a twisted visage of its former self and cut-throat power-hungry Corporations rule the world, the common man has no future left but what the people in charge tell him he has Unless your Raven and her runner crew They're making THEIR OWN rules in this new world But what chance does a select group of a few people have against, literally, THE ENTIRE WORLD ? Gangs running the street, corrupt police, blood thirsty cut-throat criminals, sleazy bar owners, prostitutes, gun runners, slavers, drug runners, weapons smugglers, bank robbers, psychotic hackers and these are Raven's allies Plunge into the world of cyber punk sci fi fantasy as you follow Raven's tale of her life as a runner in New Seattle. What is the secret of Raven's past? The strange crest and tattoo? How can she remember all her skills and abilities but nothing of her past? What is the secret mysterious occurances that keep happening around Raven and her crew? Find out in the epic series Remnants: The Corporate Chronicles.

About the Author

My name is Lilliana Annette Deeters but all my friends and family call me Lilly. On that note, I would like most of you to call me Lilly as well. I began my writing career just recently in early 2011, late 2010 when I finally decided to finish writing the first instalment of Remnants: The Corporate Chronicles: Leaving the Nest. But truly, my passion and, I would go as far to say, obsession, with writing began when I was just a little girl. Maybe only five years old. I have always had a talent for art and telling stories. I loved to tell stories of mighty warriors battling fiersome dragons and beasts! So, it shouldnt be a surprise that in my teenage years, I began playing role playing games and table top games. Yes, feel free to poke fun, I was a D&D nerd as a teen! But, unlike other kids that end up wasting much of their life and time on the game, I quickly became the Dungeon Master and started writing very interesting campaigns. I soon began to create stories using the characters from the game. This hobby, soon blossomed into a passion! I later picked up Shadowrun, Vampire the Masqurade and countless other gaming books just because I could NOT get enough of the thrill of writing and drawing and just coming up with these amazing tales of these epic characters and their adventures. Finally, a friend of mine came to me and said: "Lilly, you love gaming so much and drawing these characters for everyone. Why havent you done anything with that talent? You are so passionate about your work, to a fault. Why not write a book? You have the talent why not try it out?" And they were right. I used to get litterally upset and angery when people didnt show up to the game sessions. I took it as an insult to my work. So, after some convincing, I finally worked up the courage and the confidence to publish my work. And I am glad I did! I have never seen more positive feed back from so many people! I would like to thank them all for this opportunity and their unwavering support for my life's work! I had always wanted to see my work come to life. To watch it bring others the same joy and happiness that it brings me. And that is truely all I want from those of you that read my work. I want you to fall in love with these stories and these characters the way that I did. I want you to get lost in these worlds and feel a sence of saddness when you have to walk away. That is truely what I want. And it is all the thank you I will ever need.

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ISBN: 9781466203082
ISBN-10: 1466203080
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
Pages: 218
Language: English