Form of Life: Agamben and the Destitution of Rules (Hardcover)

Form of Life: Agamben and the Destitution of Rules By Gian Giacomo Fusco Cover Image
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The notion of form-of-life refers to a living dimension that has overthrown the structures of power in which humans are supposedly destined to live, disclosing the possibility of a new understanding of political and legal life. By placing the 'form-of-life' in the context of contemporary philosophy, this book re-imagines anew some of the basic categories of human socialities - such as work, rights, obligation, property, and use. It explores the ways in which Agamben's philosophy might be helpful in developing political and legal strategies that leave behind a situation dominated by pervasive sovereign violence.

At a moment of history in which the fundamental promises of Western modernity are undergoing a decisive crisis, to look beyond the basic categories of human social institutions becomes an urgency. Through a close engagement with Agamben's concept of form-of-life, this book seeks to challenge the current crisis of juridical, political and economic reality.

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ISBN: 9781474460927
ISBN-10: 1474460925
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date: December 31st, 2022
Pages: 232
Language: English