Run Before the Rain: An Antediluvian Adventure (Paperback)

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Sixteen hundred years before the Earth changes forever, a zoologist receives an important message from God that a supernatural event is imminent. God is angry with mankind's evil and will destroy every breathing creature on Earth. Told by God to build a ship that will carry him and his family safely away from a global deluge of water, Noah struggles to warn civilization, to no avail. Unfortunately, he is up against the evil Emperor Anak and his Cainite officials, who are determined to stop the construction of Noah's ark at all cost.

Under God's ever-watchful presence, Noah; his grandfather, Methuselah; and his son, Japheth, devote their lives to completing the massive project, even as the water vapor canopy suspended above the atmosphere begins its steady, inevitable plunge downward. The Book of Adam, which contains sacred prophecies of God's work to come and proves that what Noah is preaching is true, appears to be lost forever-unless Japheth can continue the search his grandfather started ages ago and find the book before time runs out.

In this fast-paced Christian adventure, a biblical family must put into practice unforgettable lessons of courage, faith, and self-sacrifice as they attempt to escape an evil world with nothing more than an ark and a promise from God.

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ISBN: 9781475951509
ISBN-10: 1475951507
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: October 12th, 2012
Pages: 368
Language: English