Dust to Dust (Paperback)

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The year is 1826 and Thomas Jefferson has just died. His beloved Monticello bustles with activity as funeral plans are swiftly organized for his burial in the family cemetery. Fast forward to 2026. A group of researchers specializing in regeneration technology have found success after years of work and significant investment. Dr. Pat Alexander, head researcher at BioGen, announces to the assembled group of board members/investors that the regeneration of a circus chimpanzee, which died in a runaway circus wagon accident in 1926, has met with success: The animal is alive and well. Discussion turns to the final step in the researchers' plan-to bring back a human being-and after careful elimination, the candidates are whittled down to one name: Thomas Jefferson. So begins this powerful debut novel-a book that examines human ambition gone wrong and chronicles the miraculous "rebirth" of the nation's third president, his struggles to assimilate, and the world's collective amazement at the science behind this feat. The American government swiftly becomes part of the oversight of the technology, and the 48th president personally introduces Jefferson to the 21st century. But with a lethal flaw in the researchers' technology, the world's unbridled excitement quickly erodes, leading to a destructive conclusion for all involved. Fortunes evaporate, beliefs are challenged, careers are ruined, and lives are lost in Dust to Dust.

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ISBN: 9781478743347
ISBN-10: 1478743344
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: November 21st, 2014
Pages: 292
Language: English