Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times: Justification and the Pursuit of Justice (Hardcover)

Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times: Justification and the Pursuit of Justice By Amy Carr, Christine Helmer Cover Image
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Finalist in the Theology/Religious Studies category for the 2024 PROSE Awards

Christians in the United States and around the world are politically polarized today, unable to speak to one another across deep divisions regarding urgent social issues. Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times: Justification and the Pursuit of Justice addresses this dire reality by offering a theological framework for Christian justice-seeking. Amy Carr and Christine Helmer draw on Paul's theology to center the idea of justification by faith in Christ as the primary ground of Christian belonging and community.

This approach yields a theology of ordinary faith that resists the temptation to equate Christian identity with the performance of a heroic "here I stand" posture against moral and political positions felt to be inimical to a properly Christian life. An ordinary faith situates Christian identity on a baptismal belonging to Christ. Baptism draws Christians into the messy process of discerning together the shape of justice in and through the Beloved Community. With justification by faith as the touchstone of Christian unity, Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times reveals how Christians who inhabit different ethical and political positions can navigate the disorientations and reorientations that arise when they debate what justice-seeking looks like from within the body of Christ.

Carr and Helmer articulate ways that justification by faith grounds Christian practices of affective listening and storytelling, even on the most contentious ethical questions today, with the hope that mutual conversation in and through the Beloved Community can get Christians who disagree oriented towards each other again for the good of the world.

About the Author

Amy Carr is Professor of Religious Studies at Western Illinois University.Christine Helmer is Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University.

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ISBN: 9781481319317
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Publisher: Baylor University Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 296
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