You Don't Know My Life (Paperback)

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NOW is the time for you bury the victim in you and become a Victor... "This book is the right message for you to read, right now. Eddie Peterson is sharing his story about being set free from past hurt, shame, abuse, and neglect. What he shares will give you hope and will empower you to make the right decisions, think the right thoughts, feel the positive emotions, and leave all your negative past behind." -Dr. Larry Keefauver Bestselling Author & International Teacher "Many times I have told the 'You Don't Know My Life' story. Wherever I tell it, people write me or email me later and say my story has impacted their lives. It helped them to stop judging people, or it gave them the best comeback line of all time when people have tried to define them or told them things that were not true about them. Here is the story I tell that has changed my way of thinking about my life and others." While in line at a popular fried chicken establishment, I stood behind a woman placing her order. She told the cashier she would like a bucket of chicken, two sides, and a large Coke. The cashier asked her if she would be taking that to go. The lady in line answered and said, "No, I will be eating it here." The cashier said in a loud and judgmental voice, "You are going to eat all of that here?" Without missing a beat, the lady in line said, "You don't know my life " -Eddie Peterson Eddie Peterson has been a Behavior Health Counselor for the County of San Bernardino Schools for over 20 years. He advocates for clients with mental health issues, conducts parenting classes, and resides in Palm Springs, CA.

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ISBN: 9781498433839
ISBN-10: 1498433839
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 20th, 2015
Pages: 108
Language: English