Montana Prairie Brides Trilogy Box Set: A Clean Historical Mail Order Collection (Paperback)

Montana Prairie Brides Trilogy Box Set: A Clean Historical Mail Order Collection By Kate Whitsby Cover Image
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Now available as a Trilogy Box Set, all 3 Montana Prairie Brides Books featuring 3 mail order husbands ** A clean historical boxed set ** Katie's Mail Order Husband: Book 1 Katie and her friends Hannah and Josie meet at the water pump to console each other over the loss of their husbands and consider their futures on the Montana prairie Frontier. When Hannah suggests they marry mail-order husbands, Katie jumps at the chance. But bringing three new men to Campbell's Corner isn't as simple as happily ever after. Will their hopes for true love end in disaster? Josie's Mail Order Husband: Book 2 Book 2 of the Montana Prairie Brides Series reveals the resolves of Josie Campbell's husband, Jim Eaton. After Jim takes after Katie Matthis with a gun, everyone at Campbell's Corner fears their new neighbor must be a murderous villain. Even Josie can hardly bear to live in the same house with him. She can only relive the nightmare of her first husband's death. Everywhere she turns, she sees guns in every corner of her house. What if Jim shoots himself the way John Campbell did, or worse yet, someone else? In spite of her fear, Josie can't help falling for handsome Jim. His magnetic personality and burning sincerity wins Josie's heart, even as she struggles to understand his hostility toward their neighbors. Josie finds her heart and her loyalty torn between her new husband and her closest friends. Meanwhile, something unusual is going on at the Dempsey Ranch between Hannah and her new husband, Peter Cummings. He's not like any cowboy they've seen before, and no one can understand how they're going to manage their ranch. Will Josie find a way to reconcile her old loyalties to her new life? If Jim really is as dangerous as Katie and the others think he is, how can Josie get out of a marriage to this dangerous criminal? When the situation reaches its ultimate climax, Josie must use all her strength to bring her friends and her husband together in harmony at last. Hannah's Mail Order Husband: Book 3 In Book 3 of the Montana Prairie Brides series, the romance deepens between Hannah and her new husband, Peter Cummings. Hannah isn't happy with her mail-order husband. She just buried her first husband after a battle with influenza, and she got a new husband to help her keep her ranch going. But her new husband, Peter, isn't cut out for the job at all. He's weak, and he's sick. Can he ever be more than a millstone around Hannah's neck? It's bad enough that she can't enjoy the intimacy of her good friends, Katie Matthis and Josie Eaton, the way she used to. Why does Hannah feel so guilty about her situation that she won't even confide in her dearest friends? They would help her if they only knew what's bothering her. But Hannah can't bring herself to share her burden with anyone. Peter's illness puts a strain on her she can hardly bear. Keeping her feelings and worries bottled up only makes them more unbearable by the day. Hannah would love to end this ill-fated marriage. She even plans how to do it. Peter misrepresented himself when they corresponded by mail about getting married, so Hannah may have grounds to send him packing. The only problem is she's starting to love him. Before she makes the biggest mistake of her life, Peter will show her he's not ready to roll over and die without winning her love for good.

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Publication Date: November 12th, 2014
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