Alien Takeover (Paperback)

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Do you think we are alone in our galaxy or the universe? That no other intelligent life is out there, and no mutual agreement has ever been signed between ETs and humanity? The answer is a resounding NO. Not only have cooperation agreements been agreed to by ETs from multiple races, but in fact, deals have been negotiated and signed by heads of state, including President Eisenhower.

Why was the 5th branch of the United States Military recently signed into existence, notably the Space Force? Not because of on-planet foes the U.S. labels enemies, but to protect against threats from external off-planet alien species who are hostile towards humans. We, humanity, are the subject of abductions (Kidnappings) for decades, if not longer. Abductees are experimented upon for the purpose of a far-reaching hybridization program. Part human and part alien, integrated into society and literally living and walking among us.

Have hope, many ET species are benevolent and want to support humanity. Key figures are also coming forward to share the truth. You will have a new perspective about the interrelationship between humans and ET's after reading Alien Takeover

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ISBN: 9781513671239
ISBN-10: 1513671235
Publisher: Battle Press
Publication Date: March 19th, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English