Make Money with Binary Options: The Calends Strategy (Paperback)

Make Money with Binary Options: The Calends Strategy By Jose Manuel Moreira Batista Cover Image
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A SIMPLE, YET AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE SYSTEM TO MAKE MONEY WITH BINARY OPTIONS If you're looking to trade binary options then this book is for you. It presents an easy-to-follow, complete system to successfully trade with binary options. This system is based on a simple yet extremely powerful idea: what worked in the past is more likely than not to work again in the future. The system trades only once a month and always uses the same type of binary option. Setting up a trade takes a couple of minutes at most: You just look up in a table if the asset you have chosen is expected to go above or fall below a certain value and how much you should bet. You then log into your binary options broker's platform and enter those parameters. No further action is needed until the end of the month. The author of Make Money with Binary Options: The Calends Strategy has over 25 years of trading experience and has taught courses in finance, accounting and real estate. His results-oriented books and courses blend experience with a sound theoretical foundation to deliver practical, easy-to-follow knowledge that brings immediate benefits to readers and students. Make Money with Binary Options: The Calends Strategy describes a complete "plug-and-play" trading system, meaning one that comprises both a trading strategy and a money management system. The book starts by describing how the trading strategy is built. It also explains the concept of expectancy and how to use it to gauge if a strategy is worth trading and to rank strategies. The rationale of money management comes next, followed by a detailed explanation on how to place the monthly trade. GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW: START TRADING CONFIDENTLY AND ACHIEVING SOLID RETURNS What readers say: "This is a great read for anyone who want to get into the market." - Pukanecz "I have had some good success with this and I have made some good money." - Matthew "You need to read this if you want to do some trading with binary options." - Laura Groff "This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn how to get into trading using Binary options" - DC7113 "The book contains valuable information about the system trades and binary options." - Bookreader

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ISBN: 9781518895142
ISBN-10: 151889514X
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Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Pages: 24
Language: Chinese