The Proper Cat: A guide in training cats and helping them curb unwanted behavior (Paperback)

The Proper Cat: A guide in training cats and helping them curb unwanted behavior By Rj Rice Cover Image
By Rj Rice
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Dang cat litter is everywhere again and now he is up on the counter again Stop tearing things up and just behave already will you Well you have found the place This informative and fun guide to understanding your cat and training them out of bad habits. Teach your furry friend how to use the litter box, do tricks, or stop clawing. Learn how you can help your cat be successful with the training by setting up the right conditions. Enjoy some funny experiences the author shares throughout and make great use of the helpful bonus tips within. Now you can Solve your cat behavior problem Learn the secrets and even teach your cats tricks.

About the Author

I have always enjoyed writing as a hobby. When I was younger I wrote a lot of poetry and many times started different stories about lighthouses as they are one of my biggest interest. Growing up in NW OR I had the pleasure of visiting several. Since I have lived throughout the country and held leadership positions in several industries. One of my newer passions has became Lean Business after being involved in programs for construction trades, manufacturing trades, and even sales. When I am not at my regular day job or working on my books and publishing, I am most often found outside, working on my truck, fishing or viewing some of the scenery of the East Coast where I am residing now. While I am releasing books in a wide range of topics for now, I do hope each helps you with something. Currently I am working on two series. One is the grilling series in which just today i got the first of five books published. I will announce the next when the first book has finished editing and is ready for publishing. You can be sure this is another HIGH interest topic for myself. I sincerely hope you enjoy the books, thanks for stopping by page!

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ISBN: 9781523401758
ISBN-10: 1523401753
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 8th, 2015
Pages: 40
Language: English