Well, This Is Me: A Cartoon Collection from the New Yorker's Asher Perlman (Paperback)

Well, This Is Me: A Cartoon Collection from the New Yorker's Asher Perlman By Asher Perlman Cover Image
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The perfect gift for every single person on the planet.

Well, This Is Me is the debut cartoon collection from Asher Perlman (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), who NPR’s Scott Simon calls “one of today’s great New Yorker cartoonists.” A blend of Asher’s classics and never-before-seen material, this collection gives the people what they want: universal health care. Okay, not that, but something almost as important: a delightful book, chock-full of over 150 cartoons about everything from a dog’s encounter with a genie to the Tin Man’s trip to Jiffy Lube.

Conveniently broken up into thematic chapters, Well, This Is Me: A Cartoon Collection from The New Yorker’s Asher Perlman explores traditional comedy playgrounds, like travel and work, as well as more lighthearted subjects, like death and dying. Point is: this book has a little something for everyone. Even you, Kristen.

About the Author

Asher Perlman is an Emmy award-nominated, WGA award-winning, Peabody award-winning cartoonist, comedian, writer, and actor. He is a regular contributor to the New Yorker and a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He lives in Brooklyn, but his heart will always be in the Midwest with his family.

Praise For…

“Asher Perlman can do in one frame what I need two hours and seventeen minutes to accomplish half as well! Insightful, human, and hilarious.” (Judd Apatow)

“Asher's cartoons are just like him: very funny, keenly attuned to the inherent strangeness of existence, and very, very bald. He has such a rapier wit that one would do almost anything to avoid being lampooned by his pen (say, write a blurb to promote his cartoon compilation).” (Stephen Colbert)

“Asher Perlman’s cartoons are the kind of funny that make you question what it is to be a person, but in a good way.”  (Ben Stiller)

“Thank goodness for Asher's sense of humor. His unique style of comedy ranges from silly to brilliant to absurd. This book is laugh-out-loud funny. I'm so glad to finally have all these cartoons in one spot! (on my coffee table)” (Amber Ruffin)

“Any hack can conjure up the absurdity of human existence in a six hundred page novel (yeah you heard me, titans of literature!), but to do it with one image and one caption takes real genius. Asher Perlman’s comics are pure gold, and this collection is a treasure trove.” (Rian Johnson)

“Asher Perlman is the James Joyce of cartooning… if James Joyce was consistently hilarious and could draw well.” (Paul Feig)

“Asher Perlman is so goddamn funny that I laughed out loud perusing even the cartoons in this book that I’d previously cruelly rejected. He deserves every reader’s love at all times forever.” (Emma Allen)

“Asher Perlman has a keen ear for all our odd inner wants and murmurings. But luckily he also has a hand that can draw pictures about them that make us really really laugh (and feel less weird and alone). He also has a whole rest of his body, which is great too. But mainly right now, I’m focusing on the ear, the hand, and this remarkable book they made.” (John Hodgman)

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ISBN: 9781524892050
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Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: June 18th, 2024
Pages: 192
Language: English