I Was Always the Sun (Paperback)

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I Was Always the Sun is a coming of age story in the form of poetry. It's about love, the trials and stages of relationships. Connections that end to start a new beginning. It's about growing up and learning to love oneself. To love when it's going to hurt anyway, and to love so one may heal. To find faith in love despite not always feeling it, because the sun still exists when it has set. This collection of poems shows ways to describe feelings that are more than words. The images created are powerful, raw, and deliberate. Romance isn't easy but the sun will rise anyway and hopefully so will you.


you can't own that flower
the flower belongs to the earth
so why does my heart break
when I see
a blue lotus
when I haven't seen you
for years

I want to be that flower
the one that rises
with the sun

but I wasn't going to
be that flower
not a blue lotus ever

because I was always
the sun.

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ISBN: 9781525562815
ISBN-10: 1525562819
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: December 18th, 2019
Pages: 114
Language: English