How Do Cats Do That?: Discover How Cats Do The Amazing Things They Do (Paperback)

How Do Cats Do That?: Discover How Cats Do The Amazing Things They Do By Peter Scottsdale Cover Image
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You'll Be Amazed Kitty Style By How Cats Do The Wonderful Things They Do.
You Will Discover 34 Cat Secrets Like:
How Do Cats Purr?
How Do Cats Mate?
How Do Cats Drink Water?
How Do Cats Hunt?
How Do Cats Communicate?
How Do Cats Show Love?
How Do Cats Jump So High?
How Do Cats' Tails Work?
How Do Cats Use Their Whiskers?
How Do Cats' Nails Get Sharp?
How Do Cats Wash Themselves?
How Do Cats See?
How Do Cats Eyes Work?
How Do Cats See In The Dark?
How Do Cats Identify Their Owners?
How Do Cats View Their Owners?
How Do Cats Play?
How Do Cats Adapt?
How Do Cats Fight?
How Do Cats Protect Themselves?
How Do Cats Pee?
How Do Cats Spray?
How Do Cats Give Birth?
How Do Cats Age?
How Do Cats Keep Warm?
How Do Cats Cool Down?
How Do Cats Sleep?
How Do Cats Eat?
How Do Cats React To Catnip?
How Do Cats Land On Their Feet?
How Do Cats Find Their Way Home?
How Do Cats Show Pain?
How Do Cats Get Worms?
How Do Cats Get Ringworm?
How Do Cats Get Fleas & Ticks?
How Do Cats Get Ear Mites?
...And Much More.

Bonus: This Remarkable Book Includes Over 50 Cute Cat Photos - Many You Won't Find Anywhere Else.

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About the Author:
Peter Scottsdale is a cat lover turned author. Always fascinated by cats, he's spent years researching our furry friends to bring you new and relevant details about these mysterious creatures. He is the author of several fiction and non-fiction cat books with more to come. Scottsdale is a graduate of Medicine Hat College with an Associate of Arts Diploma. He lives in Medicine Hat, AB with his two cats, Tanzy (the feisty one) & Alley (the mischief maker).

About the Author

A cat lover from an early age, Peter Scottsdale wrote his first cat tale, "The Cat and the Dog," in a grade three creative writing exercise - the story of a cat and a dog lost in the woods, and the police shooting the dog for some reason. Peter drew inspiration for the story from Disney's The Incredible Journey. Inspired by such books as Hardy Boys Mysteries, Marvel Comics and Mythology by Edith Hamilton, Scottsdale wrote several published short stories with his grade nine English teacher. Then life happened. Scottsdale stopped writing, only scribbling bits of story every so often. A family came along which turned into single parenthood. He raised his kids and wrote here-and-there. Throughout his life, cats have been a welcome and influencing presence. From Tia (a Siamese) to Booties (a Tabby with White) to Rusty (an orange boy with little ears) to Sam the Siamese, Peter has loved all his felines (and still does). He's loved all his cats so much so he started to write about them. They have inspired and delighted him to create cat stories and to find feline facts for his books. Cat lover turned author, Peter Scottsdale published his first book, 365 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat, in 2012. He followed that with "The Christmas Cat" and "The Christmas Cat 2." Recently he released How Do Cats Do That? on Amazon and will publish The Wonder of Cats in Fall, 2016 and "The Christmas Cat 3" for the 2016 holiday season, also on Amazon. An English Major, Scottsdale graduated from Medicine Hat College with an Associate of Arts Diploma in 1995. He continues to research our furry felines and write cat fiction and non-fiction and hopes fellow kitty-cat people will enjoy his work. Currently, he resides in Medicine Hat, AB with his two cats: Tanzy (the feisty feline) and Alley (the mischief maker). Follow Peter Scottsdale on

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