Liza of Lambeth (Paperback)

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'She said she wasn't goin' to 'ave no more, when the last one come.' This remark came from Polly's husband. 'Ah, ' said the stout old lady, who was in the business, and boasted vast experience. 'That's wot they all says; but, Lor' bless yer, they don't mean it.' 'Well, I've got three, and I'm not goin' to 'ave no more bli'me if I will; 'tain't good enough-that's wot I says.' 'You're abaht right there, ole gal, ' said Polly, 'My word, 'Arry, if you 'ave any more I'll git a divorce, that I will.' At that moment an organ-grinder turned the corner and came down the street. 'Good biz; 'ere's an organ ' cried half a dozen people at once.

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Publication Date: March 16th, 2017
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