An Egyptian Tomb: The Tomb of Nebamun (Hardcover)

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The stories and secrets of the finest tomb paintings from ancient Egypt.

An Egyptian Tomb examines fragments of the remarkable wall paintings found in the tomb of Nebamun, a government official living in the Egyptian city of Thebes almost 3,500 years ago. Like the pharaohs, he wanted a beautiful tomb where his body would be kept safely after he died. Nebamun, whose job was to pay workers in grain, was neither important nor rich. Working for the government, however, he knew the right people and made the right connections. So he had a superb tomb built for his remains.

Meredith Hooper describes the many details of the construction of Nebamun's tomb and its vivid, story-telling decorations. Photographs of the tomb's walls and artifacts reveal the remarkable skill of Egyptian craftsmen. Hieroglyphics describe Nebamun enjoying himself, looking at good things. Other detailed illustrations reflect the hopes Nebamun had for his afterlife: enjoying a party with family and friends, hunting in the desert, and being with his daughter and his cat.

An Egyptian Tomb features photographs of the artifacts and tomb fragments that are held in the British Museum's Egyptology collection, considered the world's finest. Children will be fascinated by the stories and secrets held in the walls of this tomb, and will appreciate Nebamun's wish for a happy afterlife.

About the Author

Meredith Hooper is an award-winning historian and full-time writer of non-fiction and fiction. She is the author of many books for children on a wide variety of topics, including Who Built the Pyramids and Pebble in My Pocket.

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