Genesis: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary (Paperback)

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Everything in the Bible--and in the Catholic Church--starts with the Book of Genesis. The Greek word genesis means "beginning", and this inspired text reveals to us not only our origins, but our purpose, our meaning, and God's plan for mankind.

Yet Genesis can be daunting, especially given the scientific discoveries of the last few centuries. Stephen K. Ray, author of Crossing the Tiber, breaks down this sacred and profoundly influential book, wrestling with the complex intersection of history and theology. Thoroughly Catholic in his approach, Ray is unafraid to draw from sources of all kinds: from Jewish and Protestant commentaries, from archaeology, from geography, and even from modern literature.

Genesis: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary uncovers the excitement and drama of this ancient narrative, so often ignored or misunderstood. In Ray's reading, the Book of Genesis is a shout of joy: "We can know where we came from We can know who we are We can know our destiny And we are not alone in the universe "

About the Author

Stephen K. Ray was raised in a devout Baptist family. After an in-depth study of the writings of the Church Fathers, both he and his wife Janet converted to the Catholic Church. He is the host of the popular, award-winning film series on salvation history The Footprints of God, and he has led many pilgrimages through biblical lands. He is the author of the books Crossing the Tiber, St. John's Gospel, and The Papacy.

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