Chasing the Silver Lining (Paperback)

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ABOUT THE BOOK AND AUTHOR: In this third publication from L.E. Hewitt, we once again explore the inexplicable world we live in. The stories tackle such riveting questions as "Why does bologna cost more than steak?" and "What's a guy to do when invited to a professional cheerleader tryout?" This collection of non-fiction stories ranges from nostalgic, to laugh-out-loud funny, to tearful. A truly heartwarming collection of life at its best. You will find yourself reflecting upon your own life and feeling better about where you are and where you have been. In this collection, the reader will find some old favorite characters and will also be introduced to some wonderful new ones. FuzzButt begins to take what he feels is his rightful place as the main center of attention and Sally says goodbye. The stories cover a period of great change in L.E.'s life. But, through it all, he just keeps CHASING THE SILVER LINING. The author (pictured above) currently resides in Indiana with all the animals the children left behind when they left for college. He devotes much of his time these days to his writing and music. The author says, "I have just always had the need for a creative outlet. The older I become, the more I am driven to write about my life and the lives of those around me. I hope that in reading my books, you will find occasion to both laugh and cry. Both of these emotions are essential for a life well lived." FROM THE BOOK ... We own four dogs and three cats. Well, I take that back ... one dog is disguised in the body of a Seal Pointe Siamese cat. He acts more like a dog than some dogs do. He comes when you say his name. He follows you around. He has even learned tricks. He sits up or "sits pretty," as some people say, and Will and Elizabeth have taught him to turn off light switches. I do, however, have to give him credit for being part cat too. He will sneak in the kitchen and steal food off the table or the stove top after dinner is over if we are not careful. He was once even seen dragging a whole pork chop down the stairs. It was one of those butterflied chops and was nearly as big as he is. He was walking all spread eagle just to support the weight of the thing I know what his plan was going to be. He was going to sneak downstairs, have a big pig-out feast, then get sick from eating too much and find one of my shoes into which to deposit the excess.

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ISBN: 9781596638723
ISBN-10: 1596638729
Publisher: Seaboard Press
Publication Date: November 30th, 2014
Pages: 194
Language: English